The Lincoln Hotel

established in 1915

The historic Lincoln Hotel is located at the junction of Old Lincoln Highway and Hoover Highway in Lowden, Iowa. Built in 1915, the hotel originally hosted automobile travelers on the coast to coast Lincoln Highway. In 1996, after a complete rehabilitation, the Lincoln Hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and won the residential Preservation At Its Best Award from the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance.

The Lincoln Hotel offers four suites which were refurbished in 2019. All rooms have private baths, queen size beds with luxury linens, WIFI and spacious seating. Guests will enjoy a quiet small-town setting surrounded by beautiful farms and scenic byways.


Cecelia Daehn Clemmons saw a golden opportunity in a jog in the road, Clemmons worked in the Railroad Hotel in Lowden, Iowa halfway between Clinton and Cedar Rapids. Well aware that railroad travelers needed food and lodging, she realized that the new kind of traveler of the 20 th century—the automobile tourist—would need the same.

Thus was born Lowden’s Lincoln Hotel, built in 1915. Today it stands as a significant state and local example of the tremendous impact the automobile had on the culture and physical fabric of small towns in Iowa during the early 20 th century. Opening for business on June 17, 1915, the Lincoln Hotel offered rooms for $2 per night and steak dinners for 75 cents. The next day the Lowden News pronounced it one of the finest buildings in the town and predicted it will no doubt receive good patronage. Jan Olive Nash. Iowa Heritage Illustrated Vol.78 No. 1.

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